Please don’t get Grandma on Google+

Sometimes I feel like I’m swimming against the tide.

Google+ is a fantastic platform for discovering new connections based on quality shared content. I have around 3,000 people in my Google+ circles, and around 2,000 people have me in theirs. I’ve no real idea how these numbers compare with other people (other than I know there are celebs who are in 1 million+ circles) – I feel no pressure to ‘work the numbers’. My following, and the list of those I follow, is growing slowly as I discover people whose content I want to read, and they discover me.

Isn’t that how it’s meant to work? Organic growth based on shared interests.

Why, then, do we read all the time, people moaning that they’re trying as hard as they can to move their group of Facebook friends onto Google+? Unless their group of friends is vastly different to the average, they’ll be made up of a small-ish number of ‘real’ friends, lots of half-acquaintances and distant relatives, and the occasional ex-partner. Each of these people generates a lot of self-centred content every day, which nobody else really wants to read. But having it there is part of the deal if you want someone to be your ‘friend’, and to have them in the audience for your own self-centred content.

That model simply doesn’t work on Google+. If the only reason you’re there is because you need to keep up with the daily lives of other people who are there – don’t. Facebook is a much better place for that – stay where you are. If your friends are all on Facebook – go there to interact with them. Keep Google+ for the people you really want to interact with.